Core HIPAA Compliance Training Service Offerings

CRC’s service addresses the challenge faced by many health care Compliance Officers to create in-depth, current and specialized training for their workforce. CRC delivers the training through an online interactive training module or directly to your workforce during live remote or on-site sessions.

Custom Material

Train your workforce using custom material specific to the organization’s Compliance Program.

Training is most effective when the material is relatable to the workforce. CRC’s approach is to develop training that addresses your company’s Compliance Program, risk areas, policies and Code. We work with you to develop the right training.


Interactive Training

Workforce members retain more information during training when it is relatable and interactive.

CRC delivers training through two modes: 1. Live remote training that enables workforce members at multiple locations to interact and engage in training through online video meeting; and, 2. Live on-site specialized training led by a subject matter expert.

Relatable Scenarios

Reinforce training topics and compliance standards with role-based scenarios, examples and quizzes.

The challenge with delivering effective training is getting all levels of the workforce to understand the complex topics. A way to achieve comprehension is through role-base scenarios, real-world examples and quizzes to test their knowledge.


On Your Schedule

Deliver annual Compliance and HIPAA training and new employee training that is timely and never late.

CRC’s compliance and HIPAA training service is a convenient and flexible solution to deliver training. Training is delivered based on your schedule, whether it is during monthly orientation, after hours for physicians or anytime in between.