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Need a refresher training? Want to learn about new features? Compliance Resource Center holds monthly training sessions exclusively for our clients. Stay up-to-date on how to best utilize the solution, learn how to improve efficiencies and get answers to your questions.

Hotline Service Refresher Trainings

December 16, 202110:00AM EST
January 27, 202210:00AM EST
February 24, 202210:00AM EST
March 24, 202210:00AM EST
April 28, 202210:00AM EST
May 26, 202210:00AM EST
June 23, 202210:00AM EST
July 28, 202210:00AM EST
August 25, 202210:00AM EST
September 22, 202210:00AM EST
October 27, 202210:00AM EST
November 17, 202210:00AM EST
December 22, 202210:00AM EST

Sanction Screening Refresher Trainings

December 21, 202111:00AM EST
January 25, 202211:00AM EST
February 22, 202211:00AM EST
March 22, 202211:00AM EST
April 26, 202211:00AM EST
May 24, 202211:00AM EST
June 28, 202211:00AM EST
July 26, 202211:00AM EST
August 23, 202211:00AM EST
September 27, 202211:00AM EST
October 25, 202211:00AM EST
November 22, 202211:00AM EST
December 27, 202211:00AM EST