Core Sanction Screening Service Offerings

CRC’s Sanction Screening Service offers a sophisticated automated screening tool and fully outsourced verification service to enable routine screenings of individuals or entities who may be excluded by federal or state agencies. We provide a solution to address all aspects of the challenges associated with collecting, tracking and screening your workforce and vendors.

A laptop used for sanction screening services and software.

Screening Software

Conduct on-demand and unlimited sanction screenings against federal and state exclusion lists.

Users have unlimited access to screen new hires, existing employees, contractors, vendors and others working with your organization. The software offers a flexible approach to screen a single name or a batch of names with the ability to easily document the results in exportable files.

Verification Service

CRC’s professional service team performs sanctions screening and verification of all matches.

A leading sanctions screening vendor, CRC provides in-depth investigation and verification of all matches. Clients receive a certified report documenting results, investigation steps and findings. The service is tailored to your requirements.


On-Demand Screening

Satisfy both new hire and monthly screenings with our sanctions screen software or expert services.

CRC’s approach to exclusion screenings keeps your organization compliant with new hire and monthly screening requirements. Screening results are generated within seconds to let you know whether an individual or entity is excluded.

Unmatched Expertise

Receive guidance from former HHS Inspector General, Richard Kusserow, and our compliance experts.

CRC’s expertise on exclusions and effective screening procedures makes us the undisputed leader in the field. Mr. Kusserow’s experience with OIG’s expectation and enforcement enables us to provide sanctions screening services that meet OIG’s guidance.