Core Telephone Compliance Hotline Service Offerings

CRC’s phone-based compliance and ethics hotline is an easy, anonymous way for your workforce to report potential compliance violations without fear of retribution. This convenient solution fosters a safer work environment by making your workforce more comfortable and giving you the opportunity to accurately monitor your Compliance Program.

24/7 Coverage and Anonymity

Protect your employees’ identities with a fully secure, anonymous channel that allows them to immediately communicate with an expert without fearing retribution or retaliation.

Expertly-Trained Operators

Allow callers to use their own words and descriptions when they answer reporter-style questions asked by representatives trained in gathering information. 

Secure Online Reporting

Conduct a productive investigation and resolution using the secure reporting module, made immediately accessible to designated individuals in your organization.

Strong Compliance Culture

Foster openness, responsibility, and ethical conduct within your organization by establishing a channel for reporting a range of wrongdoings, such as fraud, harassment, discrimination, safety infractions, financial irregularities, PHI breaches, and other unethical actions.

The Leading Hotline Provider

The Compliance Resource Center believes in helping you understand the issues behind the symptoms so you can mitigate risk and improve your organization. That’s why our hotline services are available 24/7, and we’re always available to answer your questions.