Core Sanction Screening Software Service Offerings

Compliance Resource Center offers an intuitive sanction screening solution to address all your screening needs and challenges. Use the centralized platform to automate the entirety of the sanction screening process and mitigate the risks of non-compliance with the government-mandated screening requirements.

Up-to-Date Data

Screen potential new hires and your current workforce against up-to-date data from OIG LEIE, GSA SAM, TRICARE, OFAC, FDA, DEA, Medicaid and more through flexible batch and single-name screening. 

Centralized Platform 

Gain unlimited access to all federal and state databases in one place for a one-stop-shop for searching all workforce members and easily document accurate results in exportable files. 

Timely Action 

Receive immediate alerts when a potential match is detected, so your organization can investigate further and determine if the individual or entity is indeed sanctioned.  

Unmatched Expertise & Convenience 

Avoid the heavy lift and cost that screening typically requires with 24/7 self-service options for new hires and monthly workforce needs and direct access to experienced management staff for support.