Core Policies & Procedures Service Offerings

Compliance Resource Center has developed a solution to address challenges faced by many Compliance Officers. We develop and maintain reliable, accurate and current health care compliance policies and procedures that are key to building and enhancing your Compliance Program.

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Policy Templates

CRC offers a robust set of compliance and HIPAA policies and procedures and other key documents.

Access hundreds of compliance and HIPAA policies and procedures, compliance auditing and monitoring plans, board and committee charters, compliance and operations-related forms and agreements and compliance and operations position descriptions.

Up-To-Date Templates

Save time by using ready-to-use templates based on the latest laws, regulations and program rules.

Our regulatory analysts keep all templates up-to-date with today’s health care laws, regulations and rules. We conduct on-going research and identify best practices to ensure templates are current with the latest industry and government guidance.

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Quick Access

Conduct quick and robust searches to identify document templates that will fill the gaps in your Compliance Program.

The robust search feature enables users to find the right documents using compliance and HIPAA topic areas, keywords, phrases, and other advanced search criteria. Searches can also be saved to easily identify newly added document templates.

HIPAA Compliance

Stay compliant using HIPAA compliance document templates that are up-to-date with the regulations. 

CRC helps you achieve HIPAA compliance through HIPAA policy templates that address HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, breach notification and HITECH. These HIPAA-related documents compliment your health care compliance program policies and procedures.

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