Core Service Offerings

CRC’s Hotline Service is designed to be an easy and efficient way for your workforce to feel comfortable reporting possible violations. This solution creates a safer work environment for your workforce and provides you with a reliable tool to monitor and manage possible compliance violations.

Telephone Hotline

Never miss a report with our reliable 24-hour hotline call center operated by trained professionals.

Individuals can report a possible ethics or compliance violation at any time in over 200 language. Our professional call operators document all information in a secured online module that only designated individuals in your organization can access.

Web-Based Hotline

Make reporting confidential, easy and convenient with our secure web-based reporting hotline.

The system guides individuals through reporting essential and critical information. Individuals can submit a new report or add to an existing report using the report’s unique PIN. No username is needed; simply enter the organization’s name to begin.

Secure Report Module

Receive immediate notification to access newly available reports in the secure report module.

Users can view the original hotline report, update a case status, enter notes related to the investigation, and enter notes, comments, or questions for the reporter. The module keeps reports organized and confidential in an accessible online portal.

Custom Features

Scalable hotline services fit any organization size or set-up, whether U.S. based or international.

We go beyond other hotline vendors to offer custom features to enhance your hotline program, including use of your existing number or set-up a dedicated number, access to language translator services and custom hotline posters and wallet cards.