Core Web-Based Compliance Hotline Service Offerings

Compliance Resource Center’s web-based compliance hotline is a fully anonymous and convenient way for your workforce to comfortably report possible compliance and ethics violations. Strengthen your Compliance Program with the online questionnaire designed to prompt individuals to accurately report issues without worry of retribution.

Fully Guided Questionnaires

Make reporting easy with anonymous questionnaires that prompt employees with reporter-style questions and a system that gives the user complete control of the data entered.  

Simple Report Creation and Editing 

Enhance the convenience of reporting for all individuals, who can submit a new report or add to an existing report using their unique PIN and without requiring a username.  

User-Friendly Features

Enable individuals to download their reports and check the reporting status at any time within the secure web portal. Ensure you receive notifications when new reports are filed.

Risk Protection

Promote transparency, accountability, and integrity within your organization by providing an avenue for reporting various types of misconduct, such as fraud, harassment, discrimination, safety violations, financial improprieties, compliance breaches, and other unethical behavior.   

A Provider You Can Count On 

With our easy-to-use platform and customer support that allows employees to securely report an issue while providing relevant details, you’ll immediately have the information you need to create a healthy, safe, and compliant workplace.