Core Hotline Reporting Service Offerings

Compliance Resource Center has developed a completely secure compliance hotline that allows employees at organizations to report potential compliance or ethics concerns without fear of retaliation and punishment. Employee hotlines foster a safer work environment and provide organizations with a reliable way to monitor potential issues.

Immediate Notification to Access New Reports

Quickly access old and new hotline reports to immediately monitor and address issues. 

Organizations are notified via email as new reports are created through the telephone or web-based hotline, allowing users to access important information without delay and to understand the concern categories, location of incident, and other relevant data.

Easily Update Case Status

Make report edits and changes simple with intuitive editorial features and a single 9-digit PIN. 

Users can enter updates to the original hotline report and update the case status easily in the accessible online portal, and organizations can view all reports in the intuitive dashboard. 

Enhanced Reporter Communication

Communicate directly with the anonymous reporter to fully understand their report. 

Users can add notes, comments, or questions for the reporter to engage in two-way communication and gain clarity from the anonymous reporter through unlimited dialogue.

Simplified Investigation Notes

Centralize the investigation process with straightforward note-taking and action documentation. 

Users can enter notes related to the investigation, which automatically get added to the report modules and are kept organized and confidential in the user-friendly online portal.