Core Verification Services Offerings

Compliance Resource Center provides both self-service and full-service sanction screening and verification of all matches against federal and state exclusion lists to ensure no errors in collecting, tracking and screening your workforce and vendors. This on-demand service takes the burden off your team to ensure your entire workforce is verified. 

Comprehensive Screening Verification  

Receive in-depth investigation and verification of all sanction screening matches. 

Ensure that all your sanction screening results and matches are accurate with a fast, in-depth investigation into any employee or vendor that matches a federal or state exclusion list.  

Certified Verification Reports

Gain clarity on the status of your workforce and vendors with CRC’s comprehensive reporting. 

Clients receive a certified monthly report documenting definitive matches, potential matches, and other relevant findings from screening and identity verification processes.  

Customized Verification Services

Tailor verification services to your organization’s unique requirements. 

Depending on your healthcare organization’s size, population, and screening frequency, you’ll be able to utilize full-service or self-service screening and verification tomeet your exact needs. 

Highly Trained Team of Professionals

Work with a leading sanctions screening vendor to verify all potential matches. 

Compliance Resource Center’s trained professional service team has many years of experience conducting timely and accurate verification services for healthcare organizations.