S3 Sanction Screening Software

Convenient and sophisticated sanctions screening software to conduct in-house exclusion screenings on-demand.

  • Access regularly-updated federal and state exclusion databases, maximizing your screening capabilities.
  • Easily conduct single name searches, enhancing the pre-hire and pre-contract screening process.
  • Unlimited access to on-demand sanction & exclusion checks.
  • Download reports that evidence results for each name screened.
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Advanced S3 software that provides unlimited access to on-demand sanction and exclusion checks.

Robust Databases

Our S3 sanctions screening software houses comprehensive records from HHS OIG, CMS, GSA, OFAC, FDA, DEA, UPIN, State Medicaid Programs and other agencies. These databases are regularly updated to ensure you have access to the most current exclusion, debarment, sanction and licensure data when conducting your own on-demand screenings. With S3 software at your fingertips, you can screen any source at any time. Additionally, CRC regularly adds new databases to our S3 software, which maximizes your screening capabilities and guarantees that your screening process remains robust and comprehensive.

Comprehensive Reports

You can easily download all screening results generated from the S3 software into an MS Excel report. All reports are comprehensive including key information to evidence that appropriate pre-hire and on-going sanctions screenings were conducted, including the time and date, the source agencies screened, the number of names screened, the number of names returned and all key information entered into the S3 software for matching. With these detailed results, you can easily compare your screening results from month to month, while keeping all screening records internalized within your organization.

New-Hire Screenings

The S3 software fits your unique compliance needs because it allows you to screen any amount of names at any given time. The single name search option is ideal to conduct pre-hire or pre-contract sanctions screening of any single individual or entity. Matching results can be set-up to yield an exact data match or fuzzy data match. A single name search is useful when your organization is hiring a few individuals or contracting with a new vendor and you need to quickly confirm that they are not excluded from participating in federal health care programs.

On-going Screenings

Another option available through our S3 software is the batch name search option. The batch name search option is best used for on-going screenings, whether monthly, quarterly or annually, of all current employees, medical professionals, contractors, vendors and other individual and entity types. Our sophisticated software is capable of screening as few was one name up to thousands of names against multiple databases through one search. With this design, you can quickly and efficiently carry-out screenings no matter the number of names or databases each time.