Sanction Screening Services

Robust healthcare sanction screening software searches against multiple Federal and State databases for sanctioned & excluded individuals & entities.

  • Our S3 software includes up-to-date Federal and State sanction and exclusion data from OIG, GSA, FDA, DEA, OFAC, Medicaid, Medicare and others.
  • Available 24 hours a day to conduct single and batch searches of individuals and entities.
  • Screen thousands of names across multiple databases instantaneously.
  • Carry out the sanction screening process in-house using S3 or outsource the entire process to our experienced professionals.
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Sanction screening software that delivers reliable and comprehensive results.

S3 Sanction Screening Software

CRC developed proprietary matching software to satisfy one specific goal: Offer health care providers a reliable and easy-to-use solution to comply with Federal and State sanction screening requirements. With unlimited access to S3, clients can easily upload names of individuals and entities and screen those names against Federal and State exclusion data. Matching algorithms in S3 identify exact and partial name matches to excluded parties. Our dedicated team ensures the latest exclusion data is available in order to deliver reliable results to our clients. Get started today using S3 to satisfy all pre-hire and ongoing exclusion screenings for a flat-rate.

Full-Service Sanction Screening & Verification

Our Sanction Screening & Verification Service provides clients with a reliable and certified approach to comply with monthly screening requirements. During CRC’s sanction screening process, professional staff utilizes S3 software to screen your individuals and entities on monthly, quarterly or annual basis, you decide. All possible matches to excluded parties are then further investigated using key identifiers found in the exclusion record, license data and other available sources. At the conclusion of the screening, CRC provides a certified report highlighting confirm matches and key findings. The piece of mind gained by using our Sanction Screening and Verification Service allows you to focus on other important compliance and operation matters.

Up-to-Date Federal and State Data

The comprehensive S3 database compiles Federal and State data from multiple sources to provide clients with the latest exclusion and licensure data. The robust S3 software enables clients to conduct a single search across all available data sources. Our dedicated team keeps S3 up-to-date with the latest data from OIG, CMS, GSA, OFAC, FDA, DEA, UPIN, State Medicaid Program and others. We understand that our clients rely on exclusion data to make important employment and contracting decisions. Therefore, anytime CRC identifies a new data set from a Federal or State agency, that data gets added to S3 at no additional cost to our clients.

Experience that Sets Us Apart

Our S3 software and Sanction Screening and Verification Service is carried out under the direction of Richard Kusserow, a well-respected industry leader and former Inspector General of HHS. As the Inspector General, Mr. Kusserow established what became the List of Excluded Individuals and Entities. CRC staff has thorough knowledge and understanding of exclusions and the implication of working with parties excluded. We share our knowledge, experience and best practices through industry accredited webinars, articles in healthcare compliance publications and policies and guidance documents.