HIPAA Policy and Compliance Document Templates

Specialized HIPAA policy and procedure templates and compliance document templates designed to address fundamental Privacy Rule and Security Rule requirements.

  • Customizable HIPAA policies and compliance document templates are adaptable to your existing policies’ format.
  • Easy, centralized access to relevant HIPAA policies and procedures templates through our reliable policy library.
  • Templates are developed based on current HIPAA regulations and updated accordingly.
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A convenient solution to meet your HIPAA needs.

HIPAA Privacy Rule

Easily find and download HIPAA policies and procedures and compliance document templates addressing the Standards for Privacy of Individually Identifiable Health Information (Privacy Rule). The Policy Resource Center makes available ready-to-use policies and compliance document templates for implementing and maintaining your HIPAA Privacy Program, including policies on use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI), Privacy Officer job description, Business Associate Agreement template, Notice of Privacy Practices template, and other Privacy Rule-related document templates. By accessing these documents, you can guarantee that you have the essential HIPAA Privacy policies in place to remain compliant with the Privacy Rule.

HIPAA Security Rule

The Policy Resource Center includes a variety of HIPAA policy and procedure templates and compliance document templates that address the Security Standards for the Protection of Electronic Protected Health Information (Security Rule) and enables quick, efficient searches for the exact policy or compliance document you need. The Policy Resource Center makes readily available up-to-date templates that address security areas related to transmission, storage and destruction of PHI, security controls such as password use and data encryption, Security Officer job description and auditing and monitoring plans. The Policy Resource Center is an effective solution to prevent future compliance issues related to HIPAA Security and standardize your HIPAA policies and procedures.

Breach Notification

An important element of a successful HIPAA Privacy and Security Program is robust breach notification policies and compliance documents. If these documents are correctly implemented, you can easily and efficiently notify patients of a breach while following the right protocol to mitigate the occurrence and inform additional appropriate parties. In the Policy Resource Center, you can access breach notification document templates, such as the Breach Notification Requirements Policy, that give you the best resources to ensure you are prepared for potential PHI breaches or other PHI violations.

A Beneficial Solution

By providing HIPAA Privacy and Security Rule policy and procedure templates along with other useful compliance documents such as documentation guidelines, job descriptions, audit guides, and security forms in the Policy Resource Center, we make HIPAA compliance just a few clicks away. You can access updated HIPAA compliance documents at any time, and can customize the policy templates to best fit your needs. These benefits combined with the substantive content of the available templates and documents efficiently address Privacy Rule and Security Rule requirements, leading to a more successful HIPAA Privacy and Security Program.