Full-Service Sanction Screening and Verification

Professionally-handled sanction screening and verification service that provides reliable results, hassle-free.

  • Tailored service based on your scope and need.
  • Fully investigated and verified results to determine matches.
  • Professional staff delivers on-time & accurate results.
  • Audit-ready, certified reports with detailed findings.
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Certified sanction screening and verification executed through high quality, specialized service.

Comprehensive Screening

The first step is our comprehensive screening and matching process that enables us to check each individual and entity our clients submit. We screen and match thousands of names within minutes using our proprietary tool, S3. Our staff then uses the S3 results to focus on the matches of highest concern and urgency. Clients receive detailed evidence on what was screened, including all names and related information (e.g., DOB, NPI), a date and time stamp, a list of federal and/or state agencies screened, and certified results for each name.

Thorough Investigation

The second step is our thorough investigation and verification process in which we examine all names that matched to exclusion or sanction records. As part of our full-service, we investigate each match to verify whether the client’s individual or entity is excluded or sanctioned by a federal or state agency using primary sources of information. Our trained staff take the extra step to verify and validate all results. We are dedicated to conducting a thorough and complete investigate on every match.

Certified Results

The last step is documenting the results and findings in a certified report. The certified report is delivered along with the S3 screening and matching report. Collectively these reports provide a detailed narrative of our screening, matching, investigation and verification processes and focus on excluded individuals and entities our clients need to know about. Our top priority is providing reliable and comprehensive results to help our clients make critical decisions on employment and contracts.

Highest Standard of Service

Compliance Resource Center stands apart from competitors and other vendors by providing a level of service unmatched in the industry. Our service was developed and is managed by Richard P. Kusserow, a well-respected industry leader on compliance programs and former Inspector General of HHS. Our dedicated staff stays well-informed on current federal and state screening requirements and regulations and provides our clients with best practices for maintaining an effective sanctions screening program.