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Fraud Hotline Services
Secure. Anonymous. Affordable.

Hotline Service Center

Confidential compliance communication through telephone and web-based reporting channels.

  • Secure confidential channels to report potential ethics and compliance violations and concerns.
  • Highly-trained hotline operators to properly debrief callers.
  • Reports provided instantly upon submission from telephone and web-based reporting channels.
  • Personalized and timely customer support.
  • Free advisory services and training on managing and investigating hotline reports.

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Anonymous reporting through versatile telephone and web-based communication channels.

24/7 Telephone Hotline Reporting

Hotline Service Center’s designated, toll-free line is answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Our hotline associates are highly trained and experienced in fully debriefing callers and collecting necessary information and details about ethics and compliance complaints, allegations and concerns. At the end of the call, callers receive a unique PIN linked to their report that allows them to anonymously follow-up to check the status of the report or add more information.

Additional Features

  • Telephone hotline services offered in English, Spanish, and other languages.
  • Callers can choose to report anonymously; no calls are ever traced.
  • After the call, callers are immediately notified that the report is available to view in the secure Confidential Communication Module.

Web-Based Hotline Reporting

Workforce members can submit secure reports through the customized web-based reporting channel. The online reporting template is designed to guide users through each field, ensuring they include the most essential information needed for investigation and follow-up. Workforce members can remain anonymous or choose to be contacted by the Compliance Officer. Once the report is submitted, workforce members receive a unique PIN enabling them to check on the status of their report and any updates from the Compliance Officer.

Additional Features

  • No username or password is required to access the reporting site, making reporting quick and easy.
  • All reports are instantly posted to the secure Confidential Communication Module.
  • Workforce members can follow up on their report online or by phone.

Detailed Reports

Workforce members who report an ethics or compliance concern will immediately receive a detailed online report following submission of the case information. The reports are available in the Confidential Communication Module where they are documented and tracked through resolution. All activities related to the investigation of the report and additional information that is added to the report after the initial submission will be included in the final report once the case is resolved.

Additional Features

  • The same detailed reporting format is used for both telephone and web-based reports.
  • Open-text fields with no word count limit allow workforce members to report the concern in their own words.
  • There is no waiting period to receive reports; reports are immediately available after the information is submitted.

Personalized Services & Client Support

Hotline Service Center’s years of experience and leadership by Richard Kusserow, former HHS Inspector General, gives us the expertise to go beyond the average hotline provider. Along with our hotline service, clients will receive key hotline policy documents that cover duty to report, non-retaliation, confidential reporting, anonymity in reporting, and hotline records management, as well as promotional material to build workforce members’ awareness of the Hotline Service Center’s resources.

Additional Features

  • Free advisory services and training on managing and investigating hotline reports.
  • Access reports anytime, anywhere with the Confidential Communication Module.
  • Communicate with anonymous reporters and include notes on the progress of the case through the Confidential Communication Module.