Thank you for attending the webinar “Manage High-Risk Areas with Effective Compliance Related Policies and Documents”

As a participant of the webinar we are offering you a compliance document policy template and an informative publication about developing policies and procedures.

  • Richard Kusserow, former Inspector General of HHS and co-presenter of the webinar, contributed his expertise in the article, How to Structure Compliance Policy Documents.
  • An additional copy of the “Manage High-Risk Areas with Effective Compliance Related Policies and Documents” PowerPoint presentation can also be downloaded.
  • The Compliance Policy and Procedure Development and Administration Policy establishes helpful development and administration policies and procedures within your organization to ensure essential compliance documents are routinely developed, implemented and reviewed. The template document can be customized to your organization,
  • The informative publication, “Compliance 101. Developing Sound Policies and Procedures Specific to Potential Risks,” outlines how to best approach development of sound documents for high-risk areas.

Access the resources by clicking the button below and filling out the information.


If you have any questions about the documents or what you heard during the webinar please contact Jillian Bower at or by phone at 703.683.9600 Ext. 405.