Training Center

Up-to-date materials to provide comprehensive training on compliance program and high risk areas.

  • There are three modalities of compliance training and educations: Interactive online training; PowerPoint delivered presentations; and Interactive training using the case study approach.
  • All modalities are supplemented by appropriate materials and certificates.
  • All training material is customized to your organization and focus areas.
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CRC offers comprehensive training material to educate your organization.

Customized Material

CRC will develop compliance training material that deal with understanding compliance programs and high risk areas such as physician arrangements, EMTALA, HIPAA, and HITECH. All compliance training material is customized for your organization, such as incorporation of your Code of Conduct and policy and procedures and inclusion of scenarios that apply to the organization. At the completion of the training, all participants receive a certificate of completion.

Interactive Online Training

E-learning is the latest approach to training your workforce on compliance related areas. This approach permits employees to access an online training program at a time most convenient to them. Each training module has a number of lessons followed by quiz questions and answers to reinforce the message points. A built in feature permits the Compliance Officer to track employees’ completion of the training and in evidencing the training effectiveness.

PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations remain an effective way to train employees on specific issue areas. It is often used to update individuals on changes in law or regulation. CRC has developed a number of PowerPoint presentations on compliance related topics that can be used to train your workforce. The individual slides have trainer instructions included. The presentations include a number of lessons specific to the topic area, as well as training scenarios.

Case Study (Scenario) Based Interactive Training

The most effective means to provide training is using case studies containing fact information familiar to the people being trained. The CRC provides a package of materials that permit those who want to provide facilitated live training using case studies and scenarios. The CRC maintains more than 300 trainer annotated case studies that can be used by clients. The CRC also provides materials for trainers that explains how to deliver this type of facilitated training.