Webinar: Using Metrics to Evidence Compliance Program Effectiveness

Webinar Date/Time: September 25, 2014 at 1:00-2:00 PM EST

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Most Compliance Officers use some metrics to evidence effectiveness of programs, but not enough; and face pressure from senior management, boards and in some cases regulators to provide more data. This webinar led by the former Inspector General provide background and guidance on developing both output and outcome metrics that evidence compliance program effectiveness, along with Jillian Bower, MPA, an expert on compliance tools. The program will differentiate between process metrics that measure output from those that measure outcome. It will address examples of solid metrics that have been identified by the HHS OIG as evidencing effective compliance programs. All the “Seven Standard Elements” will be noted with special detailed attention to the two types of examples of effective evidence highlighted by the OIG in their compliance guidance. The webinar will cover:

  • Identifying why metrics are important to evidence effectiveness
  • Defining key terms relating to effectiveness metrics
  • Differentiating output and outcome metrics
  • Highlighting metrics in various parts of the CP
  • Discussing OIG cited areas for evidencing effectiveness
    • Independent Compliance Program Assessments
    • Employee Survey Metrics
    • Benchmarking Error Metrics

Speaker Biographies:

Richard Phillip Kusserow. Mr. Kusserow is the CEO of Strategic Management Services, LLC. (SMS), a Virginia-based company that provides consultative services to health care providers on government health programs, and specializing in developing, implementing and measuring effective compliance programs for health care businesses. He served as the DHHS Inspector General for eleven years.

Jillian M. Bower, MPA. Ms. Bower is the Vice President of Business Development at the Compliance Resource Center (CRC), a subsidiary of Strategic Management Services, LLC. CRC provides comprehensive integrated end-to-end compliance management tools that include Compliance Surveys, Sanction Screening Services and Policy Resource Center. She was a health care consultant and analyst at Strategic Management before joining CRC. She has worked directly with health care organizations to review their compliance programs.

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