Compliance Survey Center

Reliable, valuable compliance knowledge and benchmark surveys.

  • There are two compliance survey tools available: Compliance Knowledge Survey © & the Compliance Benchmarking Survey. ©
  • These survey tools can measure compliance program effectiveness.
  • Clients may benchmark themselves against the national Health Care Compliance Index. ©
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CRC offers valuable tools for measuring culture and knowledge.

Compliance Benchmark Survey©

The DHHS OIG recommends using surveys of employees to measure compliance program effectiveness. This survey has been used since 1993 to measure employee perceptions and attitude in evidencing the compliance culture of an organization. Several compliance dimensions are measured in the Likert based survey. The results can be “benchmarked” against the universe of those who have used this survey. Many use the survey over time to measure progress in their compliance program.

Compliance Knowledge Survey©

The DHHS OIG makes it clear that employees who are part of an organization with an effective compliance program should know certain things. This 30 question dichotomous survey measures the level of that knowledge and provides a means by which to assess the effectiveness of an organization’s compliance program. It further identifies both compliance program strengths and opportunity for improvements in the compliance program.

Reliable Reports

Clients can choose to measure compliance culture or knowledge; creating a terrific tool for diagnosing strengths and weaknesses of the compliance program. The results of the surveys are tabulated and analyzed using our proprietary tools. Results from the Compliance Benchmark Survey are assessed against the Health Care Compliance Index.© Detailed reports are provided that includes graphs, comparative analysis, summarizing of the implication of results as well as detailed findings suggestions for improving results.

Personalized Services & Client Support

Clients receive personalized services and support including suggested actions that can improve the compliance program to make it more effective.