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September 2017

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Hotline Service Center

Whistleblowing often leads to negative consequences for healthcare organizations, but many employees and workforce members may not feel comfortable reporting compliance issues internally and, instead, turn to external audiences to report the issue. According to a recent CRC article, over a quarter of a million whistleblowers contacted the OIG directly in 2016 to report compliance issues. You can keep the OIG from getting involved in potential compliance concerns by encouraging your employees to report internally and ensuring that they will not be penalized in doing so.

Our Hotline Service Center offers two secure ways of reporting that can help prevent whistleblowing in the workplace. With our 24-hour hotline and accessible online reporting system, your employees can feel confident that their reports of fraud, waste and abuse or other unethical behavior will remain anonymous and are documented in a secure system. Because your employees know that they can trust our hotline services and can express their concerns without fear of retribution, they are more likely to report issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. We send our reports directly to your Compliance Officer, which keeps all concerns inside the organization and minimizes instances of whistleblowing.

It’s important for your employees to feel safe when submitting a report because they can bring important compliance issues to your attention before they get out of hand. CRC’s Hotline Service Center provides your workforce members with a reputable and safe channel through which to report all compliance concerns.

For more information about the Hotline Service Center, or to learn how you can better manage your hotline reports, please contact CRC Support at (703) 683-9600 ext. 492 |

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Sanction Screening Services

Every day, healthcare organizations can be risking potentially hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars because they are not checking employees and associated entities against the federal and state Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion Lists. This could cost your organization anywhere from $100 to $1.5 million per HIPAA, Billing/Coding, or patient abuse violation. In addition to the monetary penalties, you could also face negative publicity, loss of clients and partners, legal liability, and prison time, all as a result of not verifying whether your employees and vendors are excluded. Because of this potential risk, you should regularly screen both parties against the federal and state Medicare/Medicaid Exclusion Lists.

CRC’s full-service sanction screening and verification and our sophisticated sanction screening software can help you regularly monitor names that are on the LEIE and other state exclusion sites. With these tools you can stay on top of current employees and new hires to ensure that your organization remains compliant with federal and state laws. Our sanction screening services are a popular and effective resource to help you best manage your sanctions screening process within your Compliance Program. By using any of our screening options, you can successfully identify and monitor potentially excluded employees, physicians, vendors, and business entities in order to avoid future consequences that could negatively impact your organization.

Monthly Updates

The following federal and state agencies recently updated their sanction and exclusion data:

Federal Databases

  • DEA
  • NPI Registry
  • OIG Waivers

The NPI Registry, OIG LEIE, OIG SDN and OIG Waivers were updated on August 30, 2017. The DEA and GSA SAM were updated on August 29, 2017. The DEA ACAD and DEA CCAD were updated on August 28, 2017.

State Databases

  • AK
  • AL
  • AR
  • CA
  • CT
  • DC
  • FL
  • GA
  • IA
  • ID
  • IL
  • IN
  • KS
  • KY
  • LA
  • MA
  • MD
  • ME
  • MI
  • MN
  • MO
  • MS
  • MT
  • NC
  • ND
  • NE
  • NJ
  • NV
  • NY
  • OH
  • PA
  • SC
  • TX
  • VT
  • WA
  • WV
  • WV2

The MD, ME and VT databases were updated on August 31, 2017. The following databases were updated on August 30, 2017:  DC, IA, KS, MN, NV, PA, SC and WA. The following databases were update on August 29, 2017: AK, GA, ID, IL, KY, MI, MO, MS, MT, NE, NY, OH and TX. The CA, MA and WV databases were updated on August 28, 2017. The AL, FL and NJ databases were updated on August 25, 2017. The AR, IN, NC and ND databases were updated on August 24, 2017. The CT and LA databases were updated on August 23, 2017.

Stay aware of additional updates throughout the month by checking What’s New” in the S3 section of our website.

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Compliance Survey Center

Our Compliance Knowledge Survey and Compliance Culture Survey are tools that Compliance Officers and other organizational managers can use to learn from their employees. By analyzing the results of the surveys and learning how employees engage with your Program, Compliance Officers can respond appropriately to improve Program operations and the work environment as a whole. Our surveys help you become more aware of your organization’s compliance culture, and you can adapt your Program based on employee responses.

The vital information that you receive through our surveys enables you to address current compliance challenges in your organization. The Compliance Survey Center is a beneficial solution that highlights both where your Program is most successful and where you should focus for immediate and future improvements. By implementing changes based on the results of your surveys, you can create a more positive employee relationship with your Compliance Program.

For more information about our Compliance Survey Center, contact Jillian Bower-Concepcion at (703) 683-9600 ext. 405 |

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Policy Resource Center

The Policy Resource Center continues to offer hundreds of ready-to-use policies, agreements, charters, forms, and compliance audit and monitoring guides. In order to continuously provide our clients with updated templates, we have added the following documents this month:

Claims Development & Submission

  • Incident To Physician Services in Office or Clinic (V 4.0)
  • Hospice General Claims Submission  (V 5.0)
  • Home Health and Hospice Coding (V 5.0)

Clinical Research

  • Rights to Research Related Inventions under Federal Funds (V 5.0)
  • Research Involving Animals (V 4.0)
  • Research Data Access and Retention Policy (V 2.0)
  • Medical Records Progress Notes (V 4.0)
  • Authority of Institutional Review Board (V 3.0)

You can find each of these documents under their respective categories or conduct a “Recent Policy” search in the PRC. If you’re looking for a specific document and can’t find it, please submit a request for development to our team at

Log into the PRC today to explore our newest documents and other useful compliance resources. To learn more about the PRC or sign up for a demonstration on how to use this solution, contact CRC.

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Training Center

Our Training Center is a flexible approach for your Compliance Program training because we can easily adapt our service to your wants and needs. The interactive online training program is meant to give your employees the opportunity to complete online training at a time that is most convenient for them. Additionally, we can include any compliance-related topics or issues that fit your Compliance Program, giving you the flexibility to make the training exactly how you want. Our training programs are supplemented with appropriate materials and certificates, and we customize all of our material to your organization’s specific policies and procedures.

We made our Training Center adaptable because we know how important it is for our clients to address compliance issues that are unique to their operations. We cater to what our clients need at the time of the training in order to provide the most relevant and helpful material for your Program.

Schedule a training session today to refine your Program’s operations and refresh your organization’s understanding of compliance.

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